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Transcription Work-from-Home Jobs at Quicktate

Are you a beginner in typing? Transcription Work-from-Home Jobs at Quicktate

Quicktate, founded at the end of 1999 is a business which provides transcription services to a variety of customers around the world. They recruit general transcribers who work at home, regardless of experience level. They they are always willing to work with those beginning their journey in the field of transcription.

Here’s everything you must be aware of this work from home typing position at Quicktate.

 Typ of Work 

The transcribers hired by Quicktate are required to transcribe certain documents required from the firm. The documents they transcribe comprise medical records, voicemail messages, legal files, telephone call recordings, conferences, letters, and memos.

The duration of these documents differs dramatically. Certain audio files can be between 2 and 3 minutes long, whereas other files could be considerably longer, like 2 hours.

The company doesn’t focus on the level of professional education one has completed but rather , preferring those who are proficient in punctuation and grammar.

In addition to providing services for transcription services, Quicktate is also able to offer jobs for transcribers who prefer to dictate documents via their IDictate division.

 Conditions of Payment 

Quicktate pay the general transcription or lawful one quarter of a penny per word. For example, if you translate 400 words, you will receive $1. Medical transcriptionists earn half a cent per word that they transcribe. Thus, you’d earn an amount of $1 for transcribing 200 words. The payments are done every week through Paypal.

Do you have more questions regarding finances related to this job? Find out more details on the payment policies of Quicktate..

 Work Scheduling 

Transcribers are not employees they are freelance contract workers. Therefore, Quicktate lets its transcribers determine their schedules. They can work in a variety of hours that suit you. This means that you can work as little or as long as you’d like. Quicktate is open all hours of the day, seven days a week.

 Requirements and qualifications 

To be a transcriber for QuickTate you must satisfy the requirements listed below.

  • Capability to type precisely audio files
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Awe-inspiring character, reliable and honest
  • Good at spelling and grammar
  • You must pass a typing test for the specific area or in the chosen language (options are: French, English, and Spanish as well as other options)
  • A criminal record is not required for an offense that is a misdemeanor or felony

Additionally, you’ll require the equipment you own. Equipment could include a laptop computer or laptop, the internet headsets, speakers, Word Perfect, Excel, Express Scribe Pro, foot pedals, monitors and so on.

 Application Process 

To be hired as a transcriber at Quicktate, there are several steps to be followed.

  1. The applicants must fill out the form on their site to sign up for a typing account. This includes providing information about you and three non-family members in addition to signing and reading six different agreements.
  2. After that, you must take an online typing test intended to test the speed of your typing before you proceed. The score of the test will determine if you are able to pass the iDictate test to be considered for a job in that department as well.
  3. If they pass, applicants must be willing to undergo a background check, that costs $20 through PayPal or credit card.
  4. After you have passed an initial background test, you are able to start signing transcriptions.

inhal Thoughts

Transcribing is an extremely rewarding work-from-home job, and is ideal for those seeking a flexible work schedules. One advantage of working for Quicktate is that you’re an independent contractor, which means you can decide at the time you prefer and when you’d like to work day , seven every day of the week. Another benefit of this business is that you get paid on a weekly basis.

The downsides to this company are that they pay less than the average for each phrase (a quarter of one cent in the non-medical type of transcription) and you have to bring the equipment yourself. But, if these do not concern you and you’re looking to work as a typer from your home, Quicktate is a legit and trustworthy company to think about. All the best to those who submit their applications!