The Top 40 Online Typing Jobs at home for beginners and Pros

The Top 40 Online Typing Jobs at home for beginners and Pros



There are a variety of typing jobs that are possible to complete, which don’t require a telephone as an essential instrument to get the job completed. This is a question that I’ve gotten on  Facebook, which is why I often frequently recommend jobs that require typing at home.

In this article, I will go over the various types of work-from-home typing jobs as well as the best places to find jobs. Note that the salary is different for each business. is another site to search for legitimate work from typing jobs at home. They hold the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Find out more about them by going through my complete FlexJobs Review.

Data Entry Typing Jobs for

Data entry is among the most sought-after non-telephone work from home tasks that needs very little expertise to be completed. A keen eye for detail is among the main requirements for this job. You’ll have some control over your earnings, and you can earn more than $15 an hour, dependent on the amount of work you can finish.

Here are a few platforms which offer jobs for data entry.

  1. Clickworker –
  2. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – Read more–
  3. Smart Locating –
  4. Fiverr –
  5. SpeechPad – Read More –
  6. SmartCrowd ––
  7. Transcription for Everyone –
  8. TDEC –
  9. SigTrack –Read more–
  10. Xerox –

General Transcription 

 Transcription solutions are booming in the present. They involve creating an electronic or written version of an audio or video file. For transcriptions of general nature, the only thing you require to start is excellent headphones, rapt listening skills and some time in your hands. By doing this, you’ll be in the process of earning an extra income.

  1. Verbal Ink –
  2. Transcribe Me –Read more–
  3. 3Play Media –
  4. Appenscribe –
  5. Ubiqus –
  6. Bam –
  7. Casting Words – Learn more –
  8. Genius –
  9. GMR Transcription –
  10. 1-888-TypeItUp –
  11. Neal Gross –
  12. Quicktate –Read more –
  13. Rev –
  14. Scribie –
  15. SpeakWrite –
  16. Tanscription hub –
  17. Daily Transcription –
  18. TigerFish –
  19. Tigerfish –
  20. Transcript Divas –
  21. Babble Type –Read review–
  22. Terescription –


Job Descriptions for Medical Transcription 

Each transcription is not alike, and some require more knowledge and skills than others because of the terminology they are related to.

One of these transcription fields is the medical field. The medical field is a process that requires much more experience, typically at least a year. Accreditation by AHDI for training or certification is among the essential requirements for medical transcription. However, it is often missed if you possess plenty of knowledge.

  1. MModal (formerly known as MedQuist) –
  2. Eight Crossings –
  3. Amphion Medical –
  4. Nuance –

 Employment in Legal Transcription 

Like medical transcription, Legal transcription isn’t accessible to everyone and requires some education or experience prior to being employed. This is because of the technical aspects that are involved in the field. The fact that you have a certification in transcription or previous experience in the field can make it simpler to find work within the industry. Here are some platforms that offer transcription jobs that are legal, whether in a full-time or part-time job.

  1. Daily Transcriptions –
  2. E-Typist –
  3. Net Transcripts –

Certain platforms do not exclusively focus on one particular transcription service but have openings available for medical and legal transcriptions. Here are some of these platforms.

  1. Athreon –
  2. GMR Transcription –
  3. Ubiqus –