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The Best Places to Post Jobs

Third-Party Sites

One of your best bets is to post jobs on third-party sites, like Glassdoor and Indeed. By posting a job on a third-party site, you’re reaching out to potential candidates who may not even be browsing Facebook or LinkedIn for jobs. These sites often offer free access as long as you can provide them with a high volume of quality candidates.

Industry Sites

Industry job boards are one of the best places to advertise jobs for free. If you post your job opening on a site dedicated to your field, then that’s one more set of eyes looking at it. Make sure you check out sites like Careers 2.0 and Work It Daily before choosing another website with similar listings. As a bonus, you can network with people who share similar interests and talk about trends in your industry—and they might even turn into leads or future employees!

Your Own Company Site

If you’re starting your own company, it can be tempting to use free job boards. They’re everywhere and easy to set up, after all. But don’t discount your own website as a place to advertise job openings. If you create a site with an employment page and update it regularly, you’ll keep potential candidates coming back and looking at your company as a good place to work.