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The Best Places to Post Jobs

Job Boards

Most people have heard of job boards—they’re sites you visit in order to find employment, usually requiring employers and job seekers both to pay a fee. Many employers choose not to post on these boards due to their costs.

But a number of free options exist as well, including Facebook’s oversight board jobs and free job posting boards. If you want a wide audience and maximum exposure, using one or more of these could be worthwhile. Just remember that offering incentives (to entice people) is a good idea! It will likely increase your response rate. Here are some places where you can post jobs:

Niche Job Boards

Whether you’re looking to get top-of-the-line developers or simply post an ad seeking new employees, there are a variety of niche job boards that can help. The great thing about these boards is they tend to have low advertising costs and provide access to a pool of potential employees who could be interested in your position. Title: Free Job Boards for Employers: Best Places To Post Jobs For Free