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Medical Billing Specialist – United States

Hello! We are a therapy group of about 15-20 practitioners, based out of Minneapolis. Our group is growing, and we are currently looking for administrative support. For this position, our ideal candidate would begin with a smaller scope of work, most likely working 10 hours a week performing detailed eligibility checks for clients seeking mental health coverage.

A knowledge of making calls to insurers, using online insurance portals, quick turnaround, and obtaining detailed benefits information are all key aspects to this part of the work. As we establish a work relationship, the scope would grow to help with basic medical billing – scrubbing errored claims, running aging reports, posting and follow-up with ERAs, data entry, and over the phone customer support, for up to 20 hours a week. An ability to adapt to our ERH system and clearinghouse will be needed. We are looking to have brief interviews as soon as possible.

Work would begin at the end of February. We look forward to speaking with you!

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