Are you still working from home? This is how to make your daily routine feel fresh again.

Are you still working from home? This is how to make your daily routine feel fresh again.

For the first time, last week, I discussed working at home as the end-all, not a temporary thing. When I had the option, I chose to work at home over going to the office. After 18 months of imagining myself going back to work, I am finally able to accept and appreciate the luxuries that come with working from my living area (and sometimes the kitchen and bedroom). However, I am getting tired of being in the same place every day. I need a break from my daily routine at work.


Although working from home was once a novel idea, it became temporary and is now something most people consider normal. However, it does raise some questions. For example, how do I get inspired when I am stuck in one place? These tricks have made a huge difference in my productivity and kept me motivated.

  • Blue light glasses are a good choice.

When I first started working remotely, one of my biggest challenges was how to keep productive. My phone, TV, and kitchen are all right there, so it’s easy to be distracted. Afternoon walks, more coffee, and even put my phone in another room were all unsuccessful. After that, I was able to get down to business. WearMePro’s Blue Light Glass made a big difference in my productivity and overall being more productive.


Blue light glasses protect your eyes from the constant exposure to blue light from phones, TVs, and computers. This is a lot of blue light if you’re working at a computer all day. Blue light glasses can help ease headaches and strains if you spend too much time staring at a computer screen. WearMePro, a small family-owned business located in Arizona, offered me a pair of blue light glasses last year. It made a huge difference in my productivity.

The glasses allow me to see my computer screen for longer periods of time without suffering from headaches. I also feel my eyes are much more relaxed and less straining at the end of the day. Overall, putting my glasses on makes me feel more ready for the day than I do after putting on a button-down or drinking a cup of coffee.

The best thing about WearMePro’s glasses is that they look great in all video calls and don’t cost a lot. The average price of all products is $35. This will make it easier to get through your workday. You can also get your eyewear while helping animals in need by purchasing from the Arizona Humane Society.

Try a new beverage

You might find yourself drinking the same iced coffee with almond milk every day. Changing your morning coffee order or even making a different one every so often could give you the flavor you crave. I noticed that too much coffee was not good for me, so I began drinking substitutes such as matcha and adding-ins that allowed me to enjoy the ritual of coffee without any adverse effects. You all know how great it feels to switch from hot coffee to iced or when you finally have your favorite seasonal flavors. Can you imagine what that could do for productivity?

  • Your morning routine should be planned.

Schedule your mornings throughout the day instead of trying to squeeze it into the few hours before you go to work. Flexibility is the best part of working remotely. Perhaps you take a lunch break and do your morning workout before you get up for work. To take a break from the computer screen, you could journal in the afternoon. I usually leave the chores that I normally do first (usually washing dishes and putting them away) to take a break between work and lunch so I can listen to a podcast and recharge.


  • Decorate your desk

My first apartment was a small one-room studio. It only had one desk, so it became a vanity/desk/dining room/buffet combination that became my catchall for everything I owned. After I moved to my new home, I had a desk that I could use for work. I then used it as a catchall for everything. My productivity increased dramatically after I organized it and named it My DeskTM. I finally had a dedicated place for everything–including things that would help me be more creative–, and I was able to make the space my own.

To use in the dark at 4 p.m., I bought a lamp, inspirational photos from my favorite magazines, lots of notebooks, and my blue light glasses. Although I do not work at my desk, it is a place where I can use for personal and professional purposes. My makeup brushes are taken down when I get up in the morning, and pencils and pens are brought in.

  • Schedule weeknight events

Remember the days when you could go to happy hour and other events after work and do something else than watch the latest episode of your favorite Real Housewives series? When you know there are plans and places to go after work, it inspires you to work harder, be more creative, and not just stay at your computer all night. You can look forward to a social gathering with friends, a movie with your family, a walk in the park ( Sex and the City styles), or just a day with your partner. You have something to look forward to after a long workday breaks up the monotony.