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10 Ways to Make More Money as a Truck Driver

10 Ways to Make More Money as a Truck Driver

How much do truck drivers make? How much money can you make as a truck driver?

These are two common questions among people who are considering becoming truck drivers. Still, the short answer is that it varies significantly depending on your skills and experience level, your type of truck driving job, and the region of the country in which you’re driving.

Become an Owner Operator

Becoming an owner-operator means you can make more money, but it also means you’ll be responsible for buying and maintaining your own truck and paying for all associated expenses. When becoming an owner-operator, one of your first steps should be visiting Go Owner Operator to learn more about running a business and being an independent driver. Go Owner Operator offers a full suite of services for drivers interested in owning their own truck. And if you want to get your hands on $1,000 with no strings attached, sign up for our weekly updates using our form on this page! Before you know it, that cash could be yours!

Earn Extra Revenue on the Side

Many truck drivers can supplement their income by getting commercial driver’s licenses for other vehicles, like school buses and city transit vehicles. Additionally, some states allow you to transport passengers for an extra fee. With a bit of creativity and effort, it’s possible to earn an additional $20-$40k per year without adding much more time to your job. It may not sound like much (and it won’t be until you’re already making six figures), but extra cash on top of what you already make will help pad your savings account. You may also be able to find on-the-job opportunities that offer profit sharing or commission options; if there’s a problem with delays or efficiency in your primary job, let your employer know that you’re willing to take matters into your own hands in exchange for a cut of whatever savings occur.

Get Paid to Drive

One of those programs is get paid to drive programs (GPED). A GPED program offers you more than just getting paid for driving your truck. When you sign up for their program, they also give you all sorts of free equipment and free training on how to use it. For example, some GPED companies pay truck drivers anywhere from $20-80 per stop depending on what they deliver and pick up at that location. The company will also cover your fuel costs or even put money in your pocket if they pay you more than it costs them! So while getting paid while driving sounds like a great deal, companies sometimes put other strings in their contracts that aren’t so great.